Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spinning you around...

Genting: The Spinner, originally uploaded by nicklwc.

A simple ride actually but a whole lot of fun. Basically, you just sit in the chair and then they proceed to spin you round and round.

Of course, it is up in the air so that adds to the fun. Let loose and you will almost feel like you are flying!

Taken with Canon Powershot G9.


libpuritan said...

nice shot. almost feels HDR. =) but i don't think it is, else the people will be blurred out.

Nicholas Leong said...

@libpuritan It is HDR though :) I cheated. I used a single JPEG to generate the HDR.

Done using a software called Dynamic Photo HDR. Its really quite a nifty lil software :)

Thanks for adding me to your faves :) Now how can I get the D700 off your hands :P

libpuritan said...

hi nicholas. cool. good job. =) the D700 is not mine, you know. if you read the heading of my blog, it's "stolen equipment." hmm, i wonder what the law says about stealing from a thief. grin