Friday, February 27, 2009

Non-macro shots on a macro outing...

Well, without a macro lens, I walked around, distracting LordMint from taking his macro shots and we both saw...

Is that a hornbill?

A hornbill! Well, he had his 100-400mm so he was busy snapping away. I had an 85mm so this is the best I could do :(

Singular beauty

So, I had to search for a bigger subject, and the lily was too far away. But then the light was so interesting that I gave it a go as well.

Mini dragon

Then, of course, the macro shooters started shooting macro. I didn't wanna be left out so I also tried. But can't get close enough :( But I love the bokeh though :D


And before I went home, I spotted this flower which well, got to shoot la. Nothing fantastic but thought the flower managed to make itself stand out.

And thats all for this week!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ShutterAsia First Macro Outing for 2009

No macro lens. So what was I doing at ShutterAsia's first macro outing for 2009? That was the question I was asking myself as I woke up at 8.30am. Slowly making my way to Tmn Rimba Kiara, I guessed it was for the people and also to try out my new toy.

Met a couple of the macro sifus but can't post one of the shot because it was said that I can't take a solo shot of him or I will be banned :P So here are the people I met:

1. KianKheong

2. aerden and his friend cum assistant
aerden and his friend

3. LordMint

4. a_manson79

Tomorrow I shall post what I managed to capture :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No pictures!

Gasp! Just thought that I update this a bit before everyone thinks that I am gone for good. But I have no pictures to accompany today's blog, which is quite a surprise.

Actually, this is just to say that I am alive! Still alive! :P And in times of economic crisis, just want to share a couple of points on keeping the hobby alive:

1. Spend less - buy what you need rather than what you want
I've fallen into the trap of buying what I want many, many times but it is time to be more careful with our spending. We will always want the biggest lens, the fastest lens but do sit down and think how will that lens contribute to you.

Is it one that will sit in the drybox more often than not? If yes, then maybe it can come later when times are better.

2. Buy used, its not that bad
There are many sales thread in ShutterAsia, Photo Malaysia, Photokaki that you can really get good bargains. Some are clearing their drybox, some needs money, whatever the case, you stand to benefit.

All the stuff in my equipment bag is currently bought used except for the body and the grip. And all three lenses as well as flash are in excellent condition.

3. Wait a while
Patience is virtue as they say. You don't need the latest immediately. I am sure you can wait a while for the price to stabilise. No point paying that premium just to be the first.

I guess thats all. Have fun shooting :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back.. with a vengeance.. I think..

Well, it didn't take long but I finally realigned my equipment bag. Out went the "almost new" 70-300mm VR, and in came the 85mm f1.8. Out went the ring flash and the Speedlite Pro Kit, and in came the Demb Flash Diffuser.

I also decided that this year, I want to focus a lot more on people and also on weddings (don't know how this is going to happen :P). So, I am now known as the PRIME WEDDING SHOOTER!!! wahahahaha :P Seriously, primes are the bomb :P

I also want to try and learn from the people that reads this blog, which means, somehow I need to shoot with them :P

The list includes:

1. Wedding/ Portrait with Mark Leo
2. Wedding/ Portrait with Steph
3. Street Shoot with LordMint
4. Food with Meendee (Why food? I don't know!)
5. Street Shoot with Vince in Singapore
6. Travel with Kar Heng
7. Travel with Su (Err let me figure out how to get to Japan)
8. Anything with Jan Shim
9. Wedding with Shiney
10. Parkour with Amir

I would also love to shoot the following:

1. Concept or themed portraiture
2. Rock concert
3. Stage plays
4. Profile shots for a rock band

I think that is pretty much it. Now how am I going to achieve those goals? Hrmmm..

Friday, February 13, 2009

On a break...

HDR shot of a rubber plantation

No, I am not going to go into a rubber plantation, but I will be on a break so this blog might see very few updates from now until I return.

Where am I going? Nowhere actually, just taking a short break from photography. Do a bit of soul searching. Equipment realignment. And hopefully, I will be back as a better photographer.

Till then, have fun shooting and see you soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of flowers and... sucky skills...

Purple and white

So, this will be the final flower series from Sentosa. The scary thing is.. I have no more photos to show after this! :(

Part of the gang..

But oh well, I'll worry about that later. I think Malaysia should learn something from Sentosa in terms of organising a floral fest. I went to one last year near the Titiwangsa lake and it wasn't even close to being this impressive.

I am sure with our diverse flora in this country, we will be able to do a better job. Maybe the Putrajaya version is impressive. Must remind myself to make a visit there.

Colour bloom!

And I wish the above shot was more centred :( Lousy skills get lousy photos.

Red globes

And I wish I can take red better. It just seems to... blow :(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flowers and more flowers!

Explosion of pink!

Well, Sentosa Floral Fest is quite a nice place to be. There are lots of flowers if you are interested in shooting flowers. As for me, it was a good practice ground to see what I can do with flowers.

It will mostly be pink flowers because well, pink rocks! :) And also Sharon likes pink.

Sentosa Floral Fest

Flowers are quite interesting subjects, especially when there are lots of colours. It just seems to scream "Take a picture of me!" It is not easy though and I think my shots were very generic.

Spiky purple..

And last of the err similar to pink colour. Fine, it is purple but it also looks a bit pinkish. Doesn't it? :P

Tomorrow: Non-pink flowers?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stopping by..

Stopping by..

Just one post for today which is quite rare actually :P I was at the Sentosa Floral Fest and this was my favourite shot of the whole day.

I don't think I have done better even when I was having a macro lens. Then again, I could have gotten more details with a macro lens. Submitted this to Dreamstime for stock photo and got rejected but oh well, personal satisfaction still ranks the highest on my list and I am personally satisfied with this shot.

Tomorrow: The rest of the flower shots...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Up in the trees...

Orang utans

Its the last series of the Singapore Zoo. And we end with some inhabitants of the trees and a very large animal. First up, got the chance to shoot the orang utans during their feeding session and they are really lovely.

Of course, they are so lovely that some people will try to hunt baby orang utans as pets. But its a very harmful to the orang utans and successful captures are rewarded very highly. Why? Because captures are seldom successful.

Baby orang utans cling on to their mothers and so if the hunter shoots the mother, the mother will bring the baby along with her, from very high up in the trees. The fall will usually kill both of them. So, orang utans as pets is a BIG NO NO!

Look ma! Golden hands...

Then, we have Mr Golden Hands, who appeared after the orang utans went away. He ate the scraps. Poor fella. And he couldn't stop scratching himself either.

Elephants of Asia

And our last photo of the day - the friendly giant of Asia. Elephanto! :) He flapped his ears but he still couldn't fly.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Of lizards and slow moving animals...

Komodo Dragon

Big lizards are always fascinating. As long as they are not out in the open where they can chase me and maul me down. The Komodo Dragon is one scary lizard instead, it is fast, it is strong and you don't want to mess with him.

And even his saliva can kill you!

Two of a kind

And then, you have the lizards that still look like mini dinosaurs. They don't move much so it makes it easier to photograph them but it also means that you can get bored pretty quickly watching them.

Vege helps you live longer...

And then last, we have the slow moving turtles. These giant turtles can live for a very long, long time. Over a century old is common. Must be the vegetable diet. Maybe I should try it...

Up next: The end! Some inhabitants of the tree..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The big cats at Singapore Zoo...

Fastest animal on four legs?

Well, its time for the big cats series. I think I was pretty happy with my collection of big cats this time around. The above is the cheetah. Fastest land animal and with ability to accelerate from 0 to 110km/h in three seconds. That is faster than most supercars in the world.

This is one fella you don't want to be running away from.

The King!

And then we have the lion king. But somehow the mane doesn't look too good. How come I don't see big bushy manes like those on National Geographic. Must be using the wrong shampoo and conditioner :P

I'm watching you

And then we have the lioness. Which I think its my favourite big cat shot so far. I like the pose :)

The disinterested jaguar

And last but not least, we have the jaguar. Not the car. The cat. Shot behind glass but somehow has a bit of classic film-like colours to it. Hrmm...

Next up: Lizards!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The best zoo in SEA - Part 2

Hamadryas Baboon

Other than the White Tigers, the Singapore Zoo has another exhibit they are very proud of. The exhibit for the Hamadryas Baboon is pretty well done and it kinda resembles their natural habitat. So much so that you see the baboons pretty active throughout the day.

They also have very red butts :P

On the lookout

I believe the whole area was called Ethiopia something so I guess animals from that region was covered. There were these big mouse-looking critters that were quite fierce, at least in their illustration. When I took a pic, they looked out they were on the lookout to pounce on something.

Squirrel monkey?

A further walk down, and you get to see the land of primates. I got to start taking pictures of the names of these animals. Does this look like a squirrel monkey to you?

The popular bear...

And now, we end today's posting with the favourite animal of Singapore Zoo - the polar bear. Such a beautiful animal. I heard these bears are the last of the polar bears for the zoo. After this, there wouldn't be anymore :(

Next up: The big cats..

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Zoo in SEA - Part 1

Lion on the tree

During CNY eve, while others were busy with last minute shopping and preparation of a big feast, I spent time with some animals at the zoo. The above is a cotton top tamarin, cute little critter who will greet you when you enter the zoo.

Cleaning itself

And then you get to see the cockatoo which is always there to pose when visitors want a picture or two. But while I was there, the poor cockatoos were outdone by the blue and yellow macaw.

The White Tiger

The otters were sleeping and the monkeys were too high up, so next up is one of the star attraction of Singapore Zoo - the white tiger. I missed the feeding session but they were obviously very active.

Pygmy hippo

A short walk away from the white tiger, and we get to see the ballerina. Not a small one mind you but they weren't dancing for me.


And then we catch a glimpse of the shot that will complete my Lion King collection. Pumba is in! :) Now I still need to work on that Madagascar collection.

Australia's most poisonous snake

And we end today with a glimpse of apparently Australia's most poisonous snake.

Tomorrow: We see more of the best zoo in this region!