Friday, February 6, 2009

Up in the trees...

Orang utans

Its the last series of the Singapore Zoo. And we end with some inhabitants of the trees and a very large animal. First up, got the chance to shoot the orang utans during their feeding session and they are really lovely.

Of course, they are so lovely that some people will try to hunt baby orang utans as pets. But its a very harmful to the orang utans and successful captures are rewarded very highly. Why? Because captures are seldom successful.

Baby orang utans cling on to their mothers and so if the hunter shoots the mother, the mother will bring the baby along with her, from very high up in the trees. The fall will usually kill both of them. So, orang utans as pets is a BIG NO NO!

Look ma! Golden hands...

Then, we have Mr Golden Hands, who appeared after the orang utans went away. He ate the scraps. Poor fella. And he couldn't stop scratching himself either.

Elephants of Asia

And our last photo of the day - the friendly giant of Asia. Elephanto! :) He flapped his ears but he still couldn't fly.


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redapes said...

Hey Nick,
Thanks for telling people a bit about orangutans. To learn more about them and see how you can help protect them, I invite you and your readers to visit the Orangutan Outreach website.

Richard Zimmerman
Director, Orangutan Outreach
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meendee said...

Mr. Golden Hands says to Nick, "Nah, show you my a** lah~" hehe

Nicholas Leong said...

@Amir lol yes monkeys...

@redapes No prob Richard, will take a look at your website :)

@meendee lol tsk tsk no obscene words here :P