Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The best zoo in SEA - Part 2

Hamadryas Baboon

Other than the White Tigers, the Singapore Zoo has another exhibit they are very proud of. The exhibit for the Hamadryas Baboon is pretty well done and it kinda resembles their natural habitat. So much so that you see the baboons pretty active throughout the day.

They also have very red butts :P

On the lookout

I believe the whole area was called Ethiopia something so I guess animals from that region was covered. There were these big mouse-looking critters that were quite fierce, at least in their illustration. When I took a pic, they looked out they were on the lookout to pounce on something.

Squirrel monkey?

A further walk down, and you get to see the land of primates. I got to start taking pictures of the names of these animals. Does this look like a squirrel monkey to you?

The popular bear...

And now, we end today's posting with the favourite animal of Singapore Zoo - the polar bear. Such a beautiful animal. I heard these bears are the last of the polar bears for the zoo. After this, there wouldn't be anymore :(

Next up: The big cats..

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