Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No pictures!

Gasp! Just thought that I update this a bit before everyone thinks that I am gone for good. But I have no pictures to accompany today's blog, which is quite a surprise.

Actually, this is just to say that I am alive! Still alive! :P And in times of economic crisis, just want to share a couple of points on keeping the hobby alive:

1. Spend less - buy what you need rather than what you want
I've fallen into the trap of buying what I want many, many times but it is time to be more careful with our spending. We will always want the biggest lens, the fastest lens but do sit down and think how will that lens contribute to you.

Is it one that will sit in the drybox more often than not? If yes, then maybe it can come later when times are better.

2. Buy used, its not that bad
There are many sales thread in ShutterAsia, Photo Malaysia, Photokaki that you can really get good bargains. Some are clearing their drybox, some needs money, whatever the case, you stand to benefit.

All the stuff in my equipment bag is currently bought used except for the body and the grip. And all three lenses as well as flash are in excellent condition.

3. Wait a while
Patience is virtue as they say. You don't need the latest immediately. I am sure you can wait a while for the price to stabilise. No point paying that premium just to be the first.

I guess thats all. Have fun shooting :)


Kurt said...

No one knows it better than Nick :D

Nicholas Leong said...

Lol thats true :P

Nicholas Leong said...

Lol thats true :P