Monday, September 22, 2008

More than one a day...

For those who visited my Flickr, this blog is probably a slower way to have an update on what I am shooting. But then again, this blog serves to express more on what I shoot, so bear with me.

For darthbaboon, go see my flickr and take care of your new son. Watcha doing online anyway? Someone needs a diaper clean. :P

This is one of the girls working in a handicraft factory that we stopped along the way. The factory employs orphans, handicapped, and under-privilege kids to work at the place and teaches them handicraft making skills.

The factory also states "no camera, no photo" but obviously they are not going to stop someone with a D40. So I snapped away happily. Couldn't snap any final products though but that wasn't my intention anyway.

The moment I stepped in, I knew I wanted to capture shots of the people working there.

Taken with Nikon D40 and 105mm.


Amino said...

Love that shot. You're a talented photographer.

Nicholas Leong said...

Thanks for the compliment LM :D

KK said...

hey, great shot there. did you ninja it (because of no photo sign)?

Nicholas Leong said...

@kk haha actually wasn't ninja at all. The workers there all saw me holding the camera and snapping away.