Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birds that like water... they really do!

Even the waterbirds are doing it!

Water birds are probably the biggest species in the bird park and also the easiest to shoot since they are given the freedom to roam anywhere in the park.

What do you mean you have no fish?

But sometimes, you don't find them near water. They can be up at a tree, which is near water by the way, so I guess that counts. But of course, you find most of them at the waterfall aviary. Where else would they be right?

Standing watch

Walking on the path, I saw lots of them storks flying. And I thought to myself "Hrmm, this might be a good time to try some panning." Unfortunately, the 105mm is not exactly the fastest lens in town.

So I probably got one usable shot after probably wasting about 40 shutter counts.

Swooping down

See how they swoop down on stuff. Don't be holding a fish in your hand, you might not have the hand after :P

No one touch my fish!

And of course, let's end with a customary black swan shot. Must have you know! Else you have never gone to a bird park :P

The black swan

So what is up for tomorrow? Well, its going to be more birds. We will look at some hornbills. :)


Anonymous said...

The "swoop" picture is amazing. You shot these set at a bird park? We have no such parks, just a semi natural environment where the Egrets, Hornbills, Crows and several dozen small birds co-exist.

Nonetheless, the swoop is a great shot. Keep it up!

Nicholas Leong said...

@shim ahh we have those too but I have yet to visit those. Wonder what its like to shoot them semi-wild?

And yep, all these captured in the bird park. And thanks for the compliment :)

Amino said...

Lovely series u got there.. hey, did you spot the hornbill while you were there?

So.. when's your next trip there? I wanna go, I wanna go! :D

Nicholas Leong said...

@amino Saw a couple of hornbills but some of them were beyond the reach of my puny lens :P