Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looking for a meal..

Looking for a meal, originally uploaded by nicklwc.

This is probably my favourite shot from my visit to the Botanical Garden. Yes, it does not feature hypnotic eyes of the bugs but I love how everything seems to fit in this picture.

The colours, the bee looking inside the flower and its pretty sharp as well. So yes, I crown this one of my favourite shots!

Taken with Nikon D40 and 105mm.


libpuritan said...

nice textures and colors. =) i think i'd like it better if we can see the head though, maybe a sideways angle instead of one from overhead.

you definitely have to teach me macro! does an 85mm suffice? don't have cash for a 105mm. grin.

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph haha unfortunately its my skills limitation thats why I get the butt only :P I can never focus fast enough for a bee side profile. They are always moving :(

There is an 85mm macro lens from Nikon? You can always look at the Tamron 90mm lens. Its pretty good and affordable as well :D

libpuritan said...

lol. in due time. when you finally catch that side profile, it will be a killer shot!

nikon lenses better lah. i got 85mm f1.4 -- but i haven't fully utilized it yet. one week, i'm just gonna go for bokeh shots!

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph ooo thats a nice lens :) for it to macro, you will probably need to add close-up lens like the Raynox DCR250.

libpuritan said...

ack. no more spending. =) now i know why they call it poison.

.Sari. said...

wow...really good macro on the D40. good job.