Thursday, October 9, 2008

Under The Tree...

Multiple - Under The Tree, originally uploaded by nicklwc.

A parody of Under the Sea, this was a song about a Mamak under the tree. Who would have thought that someone will parody something from the Little Mermaid.

In this shot, Mia Palencia is dancing with Sham Sunder Binwani. Just in case you don't know, they are the couple in the center.

Taken with Nikon D90 and 18-105mm.


Anonymous said...

wow! i didnt know you had a d90!
im drooling over the video function
and oh the iso :)

dang, im pretty much jealous of you.

Or3nZai said...

Indoor shots no grains that i can spot :D what ISO is this? btw you going to KLPF? if yes i wanna play with your d90!!!

Nicholas Leong said...

@shiney hahaha yes i have the D90 :P Well, now I know you have a blog :P

@orenzai haha this is ISO3200 :) But if you enlarge it, there will be grains but usable lah :) KLPF? I'll try to be there :)

Vincent Pang said...

Mia Palencia, she has a nice vocal. D90 @ ISO 3200, nice !

Nicholas Leong said...

@vincent pang :) Yep she does. Tabitha Kong also has pretty good vocals :) Really talented bunch of people :)

Darthbaboon said...

Haha... funny expression on his face.