Friday, November 14, 2008

A few more doggie shots...

The Golden Retriever

I will need some help here, to identify some dogs. The only I know is... The Golden Retriever above.


And of course, this one, the big Chow Chow. So cute :D

Mini Chinese Lion?

What is this Chinese lion looking dog? I swear it looks like one of those old lion dance costume kinda animal.

Grumpy fella

And this grumpy fella. Why so grumpy? What dog can be so grumpy?

Don't you want to take me home?

Wahh and this one is super cute. I want to take him home :P

Ol wrinkly face

And finally, we have ol wrinkly face, who was tied up to a tree the whole time. So pitiful. Next up, we have dogs and HDR. Yep, I HDRed dogs. :P


libpuritan said...

completely lost when it comes to dog breeds, but i love mr grumpy. so cute!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to go everywhere and shoot everything with my own 100mm macro lens! :D

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph haha i need some dog fan to come in here :P when can I go take shots of your dog? :D

@vince LOL! I only got one extremely fantastic lens. So I tend to use it a lot. For everything actually :P

CH said...

The dogs pictures were good but if you shoot it in a lower angle, I think it will turnout much better. Keep it up, what's next after dogs. From insects, dogs,....then to beautiful girls. Hahaha

Nicholas Leong said...

@ch thanks :) Agree that I could have shot them from a lower angle or even eye-to-eye :)