Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jogoya but where is the food?

Waiting for you

So, I went to Jogoya a while back and if you are expecting shots of the food, well be severely disappointed. There might be one or two but I was stopped from taking photos when I tried to shoot the nice stuff to eat.

This is the second time I have been told not to shoot. The curse of the D90 continues :P

The cold kitchen

There is a lot of food though. Very nice food. Extremely delicious food. The above is the cold kitchen. But there is also the hot kitchen:

Steamy hot

And the amount of desserts! Wooooo absolutely amazing :)

Sweet stuff anyone?

And thats Jogoya. For the price (range from RM70+ to RM100+), it is quite worth it. The variety, the amount of food and the unlimited coconuts you can take is worth the price you pay for it.

And after that, since I parked in Pavilion, kena shoot lah the building.

Pavilion KL

Up next: Bugs?


Mark said...

Cannot take pictures of the food? Interesting bit of news to me :P

Nicholas Leong said...

@mark yeah man :( Got stopped. Then again, it was a buffet, the presentation on my plate wouldn't have been interesting :P