Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dance Fest 2008 - Part 1

All systems go

Recently, I was invited to a Dance Fest organised by Soka Gakkai Malaysia Selangor to shoot some photos and I, of course, snapped up the chance. It was a very well done event and the hall was packed with more than 1000 people! Some even had to sit outside and watch it through a specially set up projector screen.

Indian dance

The crowd was entertained with a welcoming dance before the main event started. Some traditional dances of all three major races in Malaysia were performed much to the delight of the people there.


After their dance, the dancers then form a line to welcome the audience. Lots of singing and cheering and generally, it was pushing the atmosphere to a high. The crowd that were pouring in were happy to receive such a warm welcome.

Next up: Part 2 where we look at some of the first few dances!

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