Monday, December 1, 2008

Kelly's Wedding - Part 3


After picking up the bride, it was time to move to the groom's parents house. I was sticking my head out of Tim's car to take shots of the car. And Tim need to change his car. His window cannot wind down fully which made life difficult for me as I am not exactly the smallest person in this town :P

Just arrived

Of course, with the bride and the groom entering the lift first, we had to run up seven floors to catch her exiting the lift. Never knew that wedding photography will give me a workout.

Entering the home..

As we were working in quite tight space, Tim entered the house while I shot from outside. This gave me the opportunity to try some new angles and luckily, there is a walkway directly opposite the unit she was getting into. Else I would be missing lots of shots.

A prayer

As Tim snapped away happily inside, I took some from outside. Kelly and her husband was performing the prayers and I sneaked a shot from between the windows.

Next up: Photos of the couple in their new home :)


Mark said...

Wow I like the post processing style of the 3rd image. How did you do it?

Nicholas Leong said...

@Mark I have to thank Kubota actions for that. And a combination with Lucisart as well.

The initial processing with Kubota alone was too dark and I applied 20% lucis sculpture to brighten it and enhanced the details.

libpuritan said...

i love the third photo as well. so drama. =)

gosh, i have no idea what you were talking about just then. time to hit the photoshop books. sigh

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph thanks :) hehe these things aren't found in books :P Google Lucis and Kubota :D

Then you need to find alternate means to get them :P

meendee said...

lucis? kubota? wow~ sounds so jargon to me! hehehe.

nice shots, nick! i like the processing of the pics :)

Nicholas Leong said...

@meendee heheh sounds jargon to lots of people :P but its a life saver when it comes to PPing shots.

and thanks for the compliment :)

libpuritan said...

coolness. tip noted. =)