Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Singapore with new toy!

A Buddhist statue #2

If you were expecting to see lots of Singapore, sorry! :P Truth is, this post will only be on the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple located in Singapore. I didn't really take much shots of Singapore itself. And of course, this is with my new toy! 35mm f2! Which is fast replacing the 105mm as my favourite lens.

A Buddhist statue

I was impressed with the temple as it was so clean, so well maintained and pretty much quite different from other Chinese temples around this region. No intense smoke smell and air conditioned! :P


And of course, no offending "No Photography" sign which means I can go snap happy. The only place that I can't take photos was at the actual site for the Tooth Relic. No bother as I was more interested in everything else in that temple anyway. I also saw framed up shots of a recent photography competition held at the temple and saw some excellent shots.

Waiting for her turn

And would you believe my luck when... they had a ceremony while I was there! And they even have a observation floor. This is what I call awesome! Everything seems to be planned for people to capture the moments.


Trigger happy Nick went all nuts with the 35mm and the 105mm as I needed the reach from the observation deck of course. I was grinning from ear to ear with a few shots that I am happy with.

Aura of the monk

All in all, a good day and I was sure glad my sister decided to stop at this place after our dim sum breakfast. Yet to edit the dim sum shots so I guess that won't be the next series.

What's up tomorrow? Food actually.


meendee said...

The lighting looks really nice. I like the tealight candle shot the most, awesome :)

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Wow.. stunning series!
35mm... hmmmm... interesting.. :P

shoeluva said...

i enjoy your blog very much. love your photography as well...keep up the good work..

Nicholas Leong said...

@meendee Thanks :D I love that shot too!

@LM Hehhe yes yes buy your 35mm f1.4 L :P

@shoeluva Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

libpuritan said...

beautiful set, as usual. =) gotta go shooting with you and learn lah.

i didn't even know there was a Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in singapore. lol.