Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dance Fest 2008 - Part 8

Getting ready

After the "Lost" dance, it was time for a dance that symbolises hope. It was a slow start to the dance and it didn't take long for them to introduce the props.

Hoops and hoops

First we had hoops. Lots of hoops. They were throwing them, going through them, twirling them, rolling them. Anything you can do with a hoop, they did.

Flag bearers

After hoops, the flags came out. Waving them, tossing them and once again, anything you can do with a flag, they did.

Preparing her take off

Then I got lucky. Standing at one side of the stage, I saw this girl running towards me. Big smile on her face, arms waving the flags around. I knew it. Something is going to happen. And she...

And jump she did!

She flew!!! :P Well, she jumped up la. But it was nice to capture that moment. Shutter speed didn't allow me to freeze it entirely though.

Coming up: The end, the conclusion, you can now say finally! :P


libpuritan said...

lovely flying shot. she's even got the "whee, i'm flying!" kind of smile. =)

meendee said...

last pic is nice! A little motion with the face sharp, and clean separation.

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph thanks :)

@meendee thank you! :D