Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zoo Melaka - Conclusion!

All alone

Random shots to wrap up the series of the awesome Zoo Melaka. We have first the Lar Gibbon. While the rest were busy snapping monkeys that were affectionate with each other, I got tired and wandered off to check the surrounding area.

Lo and behold, the Lar Gibbon was there for me to shoot. He was missing previously from his enclosure.

Watcha looking at

But before we actually reached the monkey area, we were running around with crocs. Tripods, monopods and big lenses were pointed at the crocodiles with lots of curious onlookers.

Waiting for prey

These creatures were not moving much so it gave way to some compositional skills (which I have none) and so I just merrily clicked away. As they say, shoot and pray.

And there you have it, the Zoo Melaka.

Tomorrow: I go with The Best of 2008 (some repeated shots)

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