Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monsters invading town...

Well, someone of you might know that I have recently gotten myself involved in a new game - Monsterpocalypse by Privateer Press. They are these really nice looking pre-painted miniatures and you get to stomp buildings and throw other monsters around. Pretty fun stuff :)

SSS - Silent, Swift, Superb!

We had a tournament in Toybox and I didn't play but it was fun taking photos of the game in progress. The above is an SSS unit going to utterly destroy a helpless Cthulhu unit.

Please let my attack work

One of the players seem to be in prayers that his Terra Khan will be able to win the game.

Tiny tank against mighty Terrasaur

A G-tank of GUARD wondering what mess did he get into going against the mighty Terra Khan of the Terrasaurs.

Lord of Fear...

Lord of Cthulhu terrorising downtown err.. Kuala Lumpur?

Planet Eater tkaing over the world

And then we have the Planet Eaters who wants to eat our Planet. Not for real but in the game.

Dices and more dices

Beneath all the colourful monsters, the game is actually about these dices. The key to winning is knowing how to manage the pool correctly.

So, thats it, if you are interested in the game, let me know :) Oh, and the shots above were shot with the new toy, 85mm. Maybe I should sharpen them again after resizing.


Anonymous said...

ToyBox, it is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.... Cheers

Nicholas Leong said...

@gavin :) any boardgame stores over there in Brunei?

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