Friday, August 29, 2008

And I am off....

Grand Palace Bangkok, originally uploaded by nicklwc.

Not to Bangkok though. Which was where this shot was taken. I will be going away to Hanoi, Vietnam on my company trip!

Cameras packed! G9 and D40 is coming with me. See you all when I get back on Wednesday.

Taken with my ex-D300 and 24-70mm.


libpuritan said...

cool. hanoi is beautiful, i hear. hope to visit there someday. looking forward to the new photographs. =) enjoy!

Amir Hamzah said...

have a nice trip and bring back lotsa photos!!!

xynthian said...

Is this a HDR? Nice photo by the way. However, abit put off by the sky.

Nicholas Leong said...

@libpuritan can i just call you steph? Its way easier :P

thanks and the new photographs will be here soon! (hopefully)

@amir lol I think i overdid on the shooting :P

@xynthian Yep HDR and yeah, the sky is a bit fake eh :)