Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am back!!!

Genting: View from cable car, originally uploaded by nicklwc.

No, this is not Hanoi. This is Genting Highlands which is located in Malaysia. Why is this accompanying my post about me being back in Malaysia?

Well, because I.... have no idea. I just decided that this shot should go with it. Pictures of Hanoi will come later. I took about 500+ shots, about 400+ with the D40 and 100+ with the Canon Powershot G9.

I got to start pressing the shutter less. I am sure 90% of the shots are unusable.

Taken with Canon Powershot G9.


Amir Hamzah said...

Hanoi pics!! :P

how was the trip?

Nicholas Leong said...

@amir the trip was cool :) its impressive how they cross the roads in Hanoi :P Too bad I was too busy trying to stay alive to take a shot :D