Thursday, September 25, 2008

Must have been a good day

Must have been a good day, originally uploaded by nicklwc.

One of the biggest market in Hanoi is the Dong Xuan market. We were supposed to go there to shop while I was hoping to catch some shots of a busy market but we were so late that they were closing by the time we reached there.

Took a quick walk around and captured this shot. She certainly seems happy - either from a good day of sales or she is just glad that a hard day's work is finally over.

Taken with Nikon D40 and 105mm.


libpuritan said...

lovely shot. great expression on the lady, and everything else is nicely blurred. rule of thirds too. =)

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph thanks :) shooting at f2.8 so i guess everything else was luck :P

libpuritan said...

skill lah! not luck. =)