Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arachnid mania!

Another cute fella

I went for a macro shoot somewhere in Genting with Lordmint, Liew and also Kurt. Kena belajar from the sifu sifu so I tagged along. This first post is dedicated to all the cute spiders I met there.

My spidery friend

I believed most of the species I shot were jumping spiders except for probably the ones on the web. Since jumping spiders do not spin webs and stay on them, you pretty much find them on leaves, branches or any other surface, except on web.

I find them very cute with their big round eyes :)

Hanging on

They are also very sensitive. Sikit sikit jump away :P The above shot, I was holding down the stalk. After I shot it, I gently let it back into the place and got up to let Liew shoot. But... the spider jumped away.

All spread out

So the above is not a jumping spider because got web mah. But what spider is it? I have no idea. I just loved the green background with little traces of web showing.

Next up: Bees? Flies?


Mark said...

Wow, I never get sick of your macro shots mate! Wonderful!

Nicholas Leong said...

@Mark thanks man :)