Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Butts!

The Malay Lacewing

As I said yesterday, more butts for Friday! Butterflies lah! Get your mind out of the gutter. The above is the Malay Lacewing, a very beautiful butterfly except my subject here has damaged wings. Poor fella.

Common Grass Yellow

This is the Common Grass Yellow. As the name implies, it is quite common. Said to be most abundant butterfly here and in Singapore.

A Common Mime?

This looks like the Common Mime but I am not sure. I wanted to shoot a few shots as I believed the only shot (posted here) was blur. But after I took the first shot, some kids came stomping over and the butterfly flew away. Bummer :(

Common Birdwing

The Common Birdwing fluttering its gigantic wings. They are also found everywhere at the butterfly park. Next week? We look at lively things that are not butterflies but found at the park.

Or maybe tomorrow. Can't decide if I want to blog over the weekend.

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