Monday, November 10, 2008

Randomness at the Butt Park...

Can you see me among the greens?

So, the butterfly park had more than just butterflies. You could catch frogs! I love frogs. They are beautiful to photograph.

I see you!

They are green, they love hiding in nice green leaves, and well, their eyes are just amazing.

A slow climb

Then, other than frogs, there is a pond filled with tortoise. Or are they turtles? I always believed turtles to be marine animals so I'll call this a tortoise.

Can you see the details?

And of course, there are flowers. But I have never known how to shoot a flower properly. And that concludes this series.

Next up: Bugs again?


zamrud photography said...

That flower shot's super sharp...nice control of DOF.

Mark said...

Well for the flower shot, you can set up your camera on a tripod and then shoot multiple shots of the same composition but at different focus points.

Then back in Photoshop, combine all shots to get a shot with everything in focus :)

Nicholas Leong said...

@zamrud thanks :)

@mark wah so many things to do. I stick with bugs la. I leave the flowers to you :P

mabelebam said...

hey! thanks for dropping by! beautiful pictures by the way. :D

love the flower pic.


Darthbaboon said...

The frog peeping out from the leaves is cute!

Nicholas Leong said...

@mabelebam thanks :) Glad you liked the pics.

@darth yeah it is but its also heavily cropped :P I need a longer lens.

libpuritan said...

beautiful flower. lovely details. for someone who has never known how to shoot a flower properly, you did quite well. =)

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph Thanks :) I try my best :D

meendee said...

oh cool, now this gives me an idea of what else I could shoot in butt park .. been there twice, going again soon >_<

p/s: i hope to get some butt shots there too lol~