Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Somewhere in China..

Jeff Hutchens

No, I am not in China. A while back, the Hutchens brothers came over to Malaysia to give a talk about their recent documentary, Somewhere in China. Its a really interesting documentary and the two brothers combine their skills in videography and photography to present a unique view on China.

The above is Jeff Hutchens, the photographer. He presented some of his shots in a 6-minute video show and it was largely impressive. There were some shots that I would have deleted before it even hit the editing screen but when he presented it as part of a video, everything looked in place.

Goes to show that sometimes a single photo can't stand alone.

The sun!!!

After the talk, we were so inspired (ok lah, we had nothing to do), we went around the hotel shooting random stuff. For example, the sun!

Flame going strong!

And the above shot I call, "Flame going strong" to signify that the passion for photography is still burning strong. Or something like that.

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meendee said...

hahaha, shooting everything and anything sounds soooo ... me >_<