Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who lets the dogs out? Who! Who! Who!

A mouse or a dog?

Well, there was a Responsible Dog Ownership Day at Bandar Utama so I thought it will be a good experience to shoot some lovely pets. Lots of dogs, big, small, cute, ugly, garang, not garang - you can find them all there.

Another Goldie

Of course, lots of golden retrievers, lots of shih tzus, lots of chi hua hua, lots of chow chow... well you get the point, lots of dogs.

All perked up

The dogs were well-behaved, there wasn't any poops anywhere which made the whole experience rather pleasant. Some dogs were extremely pampered. No need to walk, owner carry under umbrella.

Shielded from the heat

So lucky... Next up, some action shots! :D


Mark said...

Nice shots of the dogs mate, crisp and sharp! Hard to shoot them especially since they move around, a lot!

Nicholas Leong said...

@mark thanks :) these dogs were quite obedient :D

madmoz said...

those shots aren't bad at all. you might want to consider selling your services to pet owners...

Nicholas Leong said...

@madmoz eh people will pay?! :P