Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kelly's Wedding - Part 1

Bowls of offerings

I was given the chance to shoot Kelly's wedding recently and this is my second wedding job. I hope that when the CD is passed to her, she will love the photos. I was shooting with Timothy, my partner in crime, and also the source of my wedding jobs. The bride told us to come later but of course, we wanted to shoot the preparation section as well and to her surprise and joy (I hope), we reached there two hours earlier.

Of course, we immediately set out to capture shots and I took the above shot of the altar table with some sweet offerings. I believe it is tong yuen or some would say tang yuen.

Another shot of the dress

Of course, since she was busy with her make-up, I decided to shoot other stuff first, like her wedding dress. It was a simple off white dress and it looked quite nice indeed.

I concentrated on the little details first because ada macro lens ma :P

The dress

Then I decided to go for a full shot and converted it into B&W as I think it removed the distraction of other colours in the room.

The shoes

We then kidnapped her shoes and tried to find a place to shoot it. I thought the red colour pillar of the altar table outside made for a nice contrast with the white shoes. I then cross processed it to give it a lomo feel.

Tools of the trade

We went back into the room and now I tried to capture some of the make-up stuff. The tools of the trade of the make-up artist couldn't be any more different than mine. Then I thought, it differed in looks but the concept is still the same. I have different lenses, she have different brushes.

Getting ready

And the make-up artist working her magic. Again, using the macro lens to isolate the tip of the make-up brush. Or is it the eye-liner?

Next up, Part 2, where we take a look at some shots when the groom arrives.


Mark said...

Good stuff mate, more photos please! :D

Sometimes playing with the depth of field adds a little interesting feel to the photo :D

libpuritan said...

lovely photos. what i would do to have you cover my wedding instead of the photog we had. these are once in a lifetime (i hope!) memories. precious. the bride will definitely be happy. =) more!

Anonymous said...

Next time, take me along :P

Nicholas Leong said...

@Mark thanks :) Must learn more from you :)

@steph wow what a compliment. But you are better off hiring mark instead hehe..

@vince lol are you going to come to Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

nice stuff mate! :D
you got that right vince :P

Nicholas Leong said...

@shiney thanks man :)