Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random shots of bugs in Genting

Common Grass Yellow @ Genting

And we end the series on Genting with random shots of bugs. We have the Common Grass Yellow butterfly which was everywhere. Unfortunately, they are also quite shy which makes photographing them a challenge.

A bee - flight mode!

This is another of my personal "shot of the day". It is out of focus but capturing a bee in flight is probably one of my proudest achievements. It is relatively clear la. At least can still see it is a bee.


And this is another bee, feeding on a flower. Not flying but what the heck, bees are cool. Annoying to shoot but cool.

Jungle cockroach?

And the last shot? A bug that is on everyone's hate list. Cockroach. Although the jungle cockroach looks way better compared to the ones we usually see.

What is next on my blog? Might probably be some wedding shots.


Mark said...

Dude your macro shots are just awesome man!

Amino said...

Bee in flight, AWESOME!

Bring on the wedding shots! :D
Which reminds me, i need to edit my wedding shots too :P

Nicholas Leong said...

@Mark thanks :D

@LM thanks and yes, I shall bring on my wedding shots. But got Masta Mark watching la.. a bit shy :P

libpuritan said...

the second shot is my fave! =) great job!

meendee said...

aaaahhh, i didn't know you have another blog >_<

nice buggers you have :) where in Genting is this exactly?

meendee said...

btw, the flying bee is a great shot! and the cockroach, i wouldn't have known it is one until you said it ^_^