Thursday, December 4, 2008

The big cats..

Lion King

Well, a trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without shots of the big cats. Unfortunately our zoo's lions and tigers aren't exactly the most active bunch. Once again, we were loitering around the area waiting for a good time to capture some shots.


When the lioness decided to take a drink, well, I was firing away. The distance between us means that the 105mm was a bit too short. But well, there is always generous amount of cropping.

Lion scratching himself

Then, I walked to the next enclosure while LordMint and Macropixman captured a yawning lion. Missed that out but I got a shot of another lion scratching himself. Not as impressive as a yawning lion though.


Then the tiger called. It was feeding time but nothing spectacular happened. And well, when he looked my way, I took the shot. Turned out pretty alright after all eh?

Next up: Random B&Ws of the zoo inhabitants.


Vincent Pang said...

105mm is kinda short, but u did a great job. I was on 200mm and still not long enough :(

you are lucky, the tiger and lion were looking at you. The last time i went, i saw none !

Amir Hamzah said...

wah! the lions look very old. :D

Nicholas Leong said...

@Vincent Thanks :) I am eyeing the 300mm f4 :P As for the tiger and lion, I think we were around that area for 45 minutes waiting for them :P

@Amir LOL the post processing made them look a bit older. Brought out the wrinkles haha

meendee said...

nice shots! first pic, the wall behind had graffiti on it?

Nicholas Leong said...

@meendee that my friend is called... bad burning :P

Burned off the background then did some other processing, which resulted in the patches. Got lazy and just posted it :P

Amino said...

Oooo... eyeing on 300 f4 yerrr...
Lets go to the zoo again! This time we go with Liew, Calios and Macropixman. You get to choose whether we go after you get your 300mm or before (If before, need to tahan a bit of the poison lah :P)