Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let's go to the zoo...


Recently, I went to the zoo with LordMint and macropixman (both from Shutter Asia and Photo Malaysia). Today, we will focus on otters. I have two pictures of them. The above is a giraffe, not an otter in case you are wondering. But I thought it made a nice intro pic.

And LordMint and macropixman spent so long at one location, it made me feel bad and inferior that I took all of five minutes to take the shots. Sigh, the difference between pros and noobs. (They are the pros, I am the noob just in case anyone is confused)


Anyway, back to otters, here is one of the shot that I have. That place was quite smelly but it was fun trying to capture the otters. They were quite playful and they are very cute.

This shot was captured when the zookeeper walked past. Its as if they knew food was coming and all stood to attention. But it wasn't feeding time, so no food for them.

The otter

And then I spotted an otter scratching himself and thought it made a good shot. Click and here is the result. By the way, I converted most of my shots to B&W because, I was in a B&W mood at that time. :P

Next up: The big cats?


Mark said...

When are you going to post shots of animals with your 35mm f/2 lens? :P

You need your 300mm lens already muahahahaha!

Nicholas Leong said...

@mark How I wish I can shoot animals with 35mm f/2 :P Then I don't need the 300mm already.

meendee said...

Hehe, the giraffe looks as though she's scolding you, telling u to bugger off LOL~

Nicholas Leong said...

@meendee haha could be, thats why I stood there for a while only :P

libpuritan said...

i love this set. the giraffe, and the four otters. great timing. and lots of patience on your part. i get sleepy waiting for a shot. give me a wedding any day. =)