Monday, December 22, 2008

Kumar & Rathika

Kumar Weds Rathika

Our first Indian wedding under Through Our Eyes was quite an eye opener. I never expected the Indian wedding ritual to be so different.

Getting ready

And of course, the makeup session was done so fast, you just have to be amazed. I think it took half an hour for them to be done with the bride. Talk about efficiency! If it was a Chinese wedding, the make-up artist would be there for hours working on the bride alone.

Leaving her house

And then, when it was time to pick up the bride, the groom is not present. This is indeed a change of direction for me. I was waiting for the groom to show up and I just saw the bride walking to the car. Luckily, we still managed to get the shots.

Traditional ceremony

And then of course, the best part of the day is in the evening when you get to shoot a half-naked Indian priest. The whole ceremony was very interesting but it was all quite central. Unlike Chinese weddings where the couple move around, this was pretty much done and dusted on stage.

Strong and fixed like earth

But the most interesting part was one of the last thing they did. The bride will put her feet on the stone and the groom will tie something to it. The act of putting her feet on the stone is a symbol that she will always remain strong for him. Amazing, ain't it?

So, thats a collection of my favourite pics, you can view the video here:

Click on the video, and then click "Watch in High Quality" if you want to see it in a better resolution.

Up next: Another wedding?