Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dance Fest 2008 - Part 3


After the "kids" dance, it got serious when the theme song for Flashdance started playing. They used some interesting silhoutte to complement the start of the song which was slow.

Running out of titles

But once the music started, the dancers were unstoppable! It was an excellent performance, extremely energetic and highly enjoyable.

Swing me around

The guys were throwing the girls around, swinging them and they were doing splits, jumps and I believed it did justice to such a classic song. They were doing so many things, moving so fast, that capturing them was proving to be a challenge.

Nevertheless, I think I got pretty ok shots for them :)

Lift me up!

At the end of the performance, it was without a doubt that they had great applause.

Tomorrow: The energetic show continues!

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