Friday, January 2, 2009

Dance Fest 2008 - Part 4

Breaking her neck

After the last dance, a more modern group came out to perform some hip hop moves of their own. It started off with a small group performing at the corner of the stage before more joined them.

Stylo pose

Again, the crowd were thoroughly entertained with fast music, energetic moves and very very skillful dancers. In the blink of an eye, the modern hip hop dancers made way to a very "back to the 60s" dancers.

Grease style

We are talking big ribbons on hair, bow ties for guys and very pink costumes.

Look at that bow tie!

So, another energetic dance and the crowd is getting seriously worked up here. It looks like the 1000 people that turned up is getting a good night out after all.

Next week: SGM does ballroom dancing?


Amir Hamzah said...

woohh!! chicks!! :P Hayyp new year zio!! :D:D:D have a good one!!

Nicholas Leong said...

@Amir lol Happy New Year man, is that the only thing you saw? What about my compositional skills? Hahaha jst kidding.

meendee said...

Happy new year, nick! No doubt power pics :) i like the 2nd and 3rd ones!

Nicholas Leong said...

@meendee Happy New Year! :) Thanks.