Monday, January 5, 2009

Dance Fest 2008 - Part 5


This is beginning to be quite a long series eh? Well, it goes on :P With the heat of ballroom dancing going around, it is no surprise that a Dance Fest should have ballroom dancing as well.


Entered a few young couples, strutting their stuff and performing some kind of Latin dance I think. At least I think its Latin.


The twists, the twirls, the looks into each other's eyes. You would think they were all in love. Maybe they were. Hrmm....

Anyway, that ends this Part 5. Next up! More Dance Fest of course. Could it finally be the end?


Anonymous said...

I noticed the Nikon 105mm is no longer in your Geavity list. Is that what you mean by leaving the macro scene? Oh and there's a 70-300mm. Are these shots taken with that lens? Seems like a lovely new toy :D

Nicholas Leong said...

@vince lol yes that is what I meant. But nah, these are still taken with 105mm.

The 70-300mm shots will be coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice set of photos on the dance fest!

Nicholas Leong said...

@Su Thanks :)