Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zoo Melaka - Part 1

Got to preen!

Zoos are fun. They are even more fun when they are well maintained and the animals are well taken care of. I knew Zoo Melaka was a nice zoo since I went to the Night Zoo before but it looks even better in daytime.

The Blue and Yellow Macaw greeted us when we entered (we being LordMint, Macropixman and I with liewwk joining us later) and we spent a good couple of minutes there trying to capture their shots.

Double dose of colours

We then, walked into some cagey thing, which had iguana, some birds and things I couldn't shoot unless I shot at ISO3200. But the discovery of the day was the Mandarin Ducks.

I took a left turn in the cagey thing and we stumbled upon a pond of mandarin ducks.

One or two?

Needless to say, if we can spend 1.5 hours waiting for a hippo to yawn, the beautiful mandarin ducks were no exception. I think we were there for more than an hour, trying to get the best shot.

It was challenging, natural light were not exactly in abundance and we had to pump up to ISO1600 and still shoot at very slow shutter speed. Thank goodness for monopod. So, in the end, I had two shots that I am really happy with :)

Tomorrow: King Julian makes his appearance!


libpuritan said...

mandarin ducks are so pretty! (i didn't know what they looked like before your post.) nice, vivid shots~

meendee said...

oh, such lovely shots! love the vibrant colours! and the mandarin ducks .. don't they just look so pretty and cute :)

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph hehe they are indeed very pretty :)

@meendee thanks :D they are very cute! can spend whole day shooting them.. well maybe not whole day :P

Anonymous said...

The zebra shot had really cool patterns but the mandarin ducks colors were just so vibrant! I guess from the comments you can see too that everyone loved the mandarin ducks.