Friday, January 16, 2009

Zoo Melaka - Part 3

Black and White

After walking out of the enclosure with the lemurs and the mandarin ducks, we took a stroll through the Safari Park. As we walked, nothing spectacular came to our sights but we were finally bowled over when we reached the end.

Giraffes and zebras and we could get quite close to them. This is quite an amazing zoo! As usual, the idea of a close-up on the zebra is too good to resist.

Bonding session

And then, there was a baby giraffe trying to fight its way in to nibble on some leaves. I decided that it was more a bonding moment. Though the lil fella got chased away after a while :P

Ol' Wrinkle Face

And finally, got a shot of Ol' Wrinkle Face. Really cute fella, wrinkly in a cute way :)

Next week: The Big Cats Yawn!

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