Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Zoo in SEA - Part 1

Lion on the tree

During CNY eve, while others were busy with last minute shopping and preparation of a big feast, I spent time with some animals at the zoo. The above is a cotton top tamarin, cute little critter who will greet you when you enter the zoo.

Cleaning itself

And then you get to see the cockatoo which is always there to pose when visitors want a picture or two. But while I was there, the poor cockatoos were outdone by the blue and yellow macaw.

The White Tiger

The otters were sleeping and the monkeys were too high up, so next up is one of the star attraction of Singapore Zoo - the white tiger. I missed the feeding session but they were obviously very active.

Pygmy hippo

A short walk away from the white tiger, and we get to see the ballerina. Not a small one mind you but they weren't dancing for me.


And then we catch a glimpse of the shot that will complete my Lion King collection. Pumba is in! :) Now I still need to work on that Madagascar collection.

Australia's most poisonous snake

And we end today with a glimpse of apparently Australia's most poisonous snake.

Tomorrow: We see more of the best zoo in this region!


Or3nZai said...

stunning colors. you rock!!

Nicholas Leong said...

@orenzai thanks man :)