Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cafe Cafe - Appetizers!

Complimentary bread

Of course, every fine dining restaurant gives complimentary bread so of course Cafe Cafe would have it. The bread came with olive oil and vinegar but it was a bit hard. I suggest you request for the soft one the next time. The olive oil and vinegar was also served in a bowl which meant the vinegar sunk to the bottom.

You needed to get a lot of oil in order to get some vinegar. They should have served it in a saucer.

Pan fried foie gras

Our first appetizer of the day was... Pan fried foie gras! Absolutely, simply the best so far. You got to try it. Coming here and not eating this is a sin!

Baked escargot

Our second appetizer as part of the set menu is Baked Escargot. But it was ok. Nothing fantastic to shout about. I prefer mine done the other way. Still in the shell, in a silver plate and lots of garlic.

So, tomorrow I will show you the main course and dessert. Keep an eye out for it.


libpuritan said...

the foie gras looks really good. especially with the yummy bokeh at the edge. =)

meendee said...

oh food looks tasty ... or is it just your pics :D yah, i also prefer my snails in lotsa garlic and cheese!

u'know ... it's always a risk to open and read a blog post on food LOL~

Nicholas Leong said...

@steph hehe you can't eat the bokeh! :P 35mm f2 is on your Christmas list :P

@meendee the food is delicious! :D its not a risk, you get rewarded with food! :P